We believe that only by giving people a voice in making their lives better, can we create real change that lasts.

Our co-design approach puts people at the centre of the process. We learn together from lived experience, to create solutions that are rooted in insight, backed by clinical science and measurable in impact.

Working with Peregrine has been an absolute pleasure. Every step of the way has been clearly defined and planned, so that everyone is on the same page, knows what to expect and there are no surprises. Their approach has given us absolute confidence, as it has been grounded in evidence, they have taken the time to gain a deep understanding of our needs, and they prioritise evaluation at key milestones, ensuring the project stays true to the objective. For a complex cohort such as ours, we have also found their approach to co-creation and co-design extremely valuable.

Nicole Grainger-Marsh, Chief Customer and Operations Officer, MTC Australia

Our process at a glance