Do you have a research project that you think will improve mental health service delivery in rural or regional NSW?


The Peregrine Centre and NSW Health are pleased to offer a total of $400,000 in grants for small projects in 2024-2025. Minimum grant amount is $5,000 and multi-year funding will be considered.

Research projects aligning with the following priorities are invited to apply:

  1. Child and Family Mental Health in rural and remote areas, particularly under 12 years and 17-18 years.
  2. The impact of funding model on services in rural and remote mental health.
  3. Recruitment and retention of skilled staff in rural and remote mental health.
  4. Digital technology, virtual health and the virtual workforce in rural and remote mental health.
  5. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander treatments for mental health concerns or substance abuse.
  6. The approach of General Practice in rural and remote mental health treatment.
  7. Mental health of rural and remote men and boys
  8. Responses to adverse events (such as COVID-19 and natural disasters) including
    • Review of multi-agency responses during 2019-2022
    • Impact on wellbeing and mental health in rural and remote communities.

All grant applications are assessed by a panel using the following criteria:

  1. Alignment with Research Priorities – 30%
  2. Quality of project plan and potential for implementation of the project – 30%
  3. Potential for significant contribution to rural mental health practice – 20%
  4. Quality of user engagement and user-centric design in project plan – 10%
  5. Value for money – 10%


Applications accepted 1st November 2023 until 5pm AEST, 1st March 2024


This year we have produced an online workbook to give extensive support to grant applicants. Skip through for some reminders and practical tips if you are an experienced researcher or work through the whole resource if you are less experienced. Certificates are available for those who complete the whole workbook. Please note you will be required to create a simple account with a password to access this resource.

Don’t forget that all applicants must book a 30min consultation with a Research Associate before submitting their application forms.

Any questions? Contact your Local Project Officer.