Creating social impact involves grappling with life’s most complex issues. Only a rich understanding of these issues will lead to effective and sustainable solutions.

We combine user insight, clinical science and data-driven evaluation to help you make sense of complex issues so you can decide what comes next.

Who we partner with




Frontline workers

How we can help

Strategic consultation

We partner with communities and organisations in leadership coaching, facilitated conversations and strategic analysis so that we can make real change that lasts.

Research and evaluation

We believe in the ability of research, both qualitative and quantitative, to guide the way for smart innovation. We bring the highest levels of academic qualifications along with clinical insight and frontline management expertise to build realistic and meaningful data systems that make a measurable difference.

Codesign and Service Design

We believe that understanding lived experience is the lynchpin of effective service design. With our clinical and design expertise, we can convene safe and powerful participatory activities with even the most vulnerable people.

Capacity building

We offer training and consultation to build your internal skill set in the areas of mental health and codesign. We encourage a deep understanding of the material that leads to a genuine change in practice.