Since 2018, The Peregrine Centre has provided specialised training in the area of parenting after family violence. The Black Box Parenting group program, particularly for parents and carers who have experienced domestic and family violence. The program was written by the Director of The Peregrine Centre, Dr Rebecca Sng, and combines five fortnightly group sessions with individual phone calls and play coaching in the alternate weeks. Topics covered include trauma, attachment disruption and how these experiences can affect our present interactions. The group concentrates on the effects of these experiences, rather than asking participants to share the details of their own traumatic events.

The group focuses on how a parent can both support the healing of their children while managing their own recovery. It is primarily for biological parents and kinship carers but foster carers with their own history of family violence may also find it helpful.

We are particularly happy to receive requests for training from rural areas. Since 2019 over 300 practitioners have attended a Black Box Parenting workshop all across NSW.

Accreditation requires attendance at a workshop for one day and participation in three group video supervision sessions during the running of your first group. Workshop feedback ratings are consistently over 9/10 and many participants feel the group offers parents something they have not experienced before, a non-blaming parenting group that understands their particular needs.


Black Box Parenting Facilitator Training Flyer


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Tuesday 4 June _ 9.00am – 5.00pm _ Wollongong

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